Our Vision now and for the Future

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At MACK GROUP, our vision is to be a leading force in providing a diverse range of safe, inclusive and sustainable accommodation for all.

By actively managing essential properties, we play a crucial role in providing stable homes for individuals and families. Our focus is on cultivating enduring partnerships with like-minded organisations, aiming to create innovative, sustainable solutions for the diverse housing challenges community’s encounter. Through these efforts, we aim to contribute meaningfully to societal well-being, ensuring that everyone has access to safe, affordable, and suitable housing, ultimately promoting a more inclusive and resilient society.

We believe that every person should have accommodation where they feel safe, secure, healthy and valued in our society. It’s the right thing to do for our people and business and our customers. What could be more important?

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Individuals deserve accommodation prioritising their safety and wellbeing.

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Providing secure housing offers individuals a sense of stability and reassurance.

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Accommodation promoting health is crucial for individual well-being and vitality.

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Every person deserves housing where they feel personally respected and appreciated.

Our Values

If our vision sets out ‘what’ we want to achieve, Our values are the ‘how’. They shape our spirit, attitude and what guides us.

Our values underpin everything we do. They inform our decision making, how we show up and the way we treat each other. They shape our company and how our customers and communities experience us. For when we live our values, we show MACK GROUP at its very best.

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Do the right thing

  • Put our customers first
  • Stand up for safety everyday
  • Be respectful, supporting and caring
  • Recognise and celebrate achievements
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Find a better way

  • Collaborate to find solutions
  • Embrace the power and opportunity of diversity
  • Generate options to maximise sustainability
  • Commit to continuously improving
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Deliver it!

  • Take personal ownership for delivery
  • Be bold and act with passions and purpose
  • Focus on progress towards outcomes
  • See it through!

We believe that every person should have a home where they feel safe, secure, healthy and valued.

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